About us

Shree Gayatri Automation

We are having 21 Years Experience of manufacturing machines.
We have achieved excellence into making the machines.
We have large numbers of esteemed clientele and having huge ratio of success and market strength.
We are always commited to provide best machinery with the excellent manufacturing techniques.

Deliver superior services with a passion that ensures a thriving future built on a solid reputation of goodness, honesty and integrity. Our key-differentiating feature is our fanatical approach to customer satisfaction through offering our positive corporate brand image and organizational performance.We consider it as a pillar of success to our business, which makes us more dedicated to satisfying our customers. Shubham Shipping Services has always succeeded in gaining personal sense of the moral content of own conduct and intentions with regard to a feeling of obligation to do right. We promise customers the best value for their money and always strive to over deliver than promised in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.

We have always believed that environmental protection and economic growth are not always in conflict and thus we have considered it as our duty to cover the environmental implications of the company's operations through - products and facilities; eliminate waste and emissions; maximize the efficiency and productivity of resources; and minimize practices that might adversely affect the enjoyment of the country's resources by future generations. Our projects always aim to exert a decisive factor in influencing environmental performance and long-term environmental sustainability in areas such as pollution prevention, energy efficiency, environmentally oriented design, supply-chain management and industrial ecology.

Our vision are quite detailed as possible, in order to make them measurable which in turn help us in setting clear targets of performance and evaluation of the operation. Shubham Shipping Services goals are action oriented, realistic and challenging, with set deadlines in order to be timely.

We break down our objectives into action plans-smaller, more manageable projects. This process not only help us decide where we are going and how we are going to get there, but also provide foresight of a map for our journey.

We've always been what you'd call, well, different. Great ideas aren't floating around in the ether-ripe, ready, just waiting to be plucked. We have worked and fought for them. Maybe even sweat a little. Bringing the energy of innovation and the discipline of management together along with glimmers of inspiration, we apply market insights and smart strategy for turning the vision to reality. The success of Shubham Shipping Services reveals that the one strand that binds us is - Innovation. So it's very important to ensure that cutting edge is instilled in our organization, which is aspiring to achieve greater heights. Each day our organization revitalize through an approached innovation in a systematic and pragmatic way to assist our clients in well nurtured and managed living culture. We ensure that a steady flow of ideas and building processes for identifying high potential are converted into projects.

Our strength is generated by holding the values in all its actions, for creating a promising future.

Our consists of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. Once properties are acquired or developed, the Company provides all of the adjunct services, skills and systems necessary to maintain each property to the highest standards of quality, to achieve the greatest operating efficiencies to support them with the most advanced systems. We take responsibility for QUALITY...

Our projects will be "best in class" in terms of value received for the paid amount. We deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.

We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work and thereby fulfill our commitments as real estate developers. We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.

Our have mastered the art of combining aesthetics with functionality powered with green technology and distinguished team of engineers along with project managers had delivered quality in the form of residential villas. With all these USPs, the company has flagged off a formidable reputation of new era in the field of real estate creating its own brand identity for quality, value and loyalty.We are firmly dedicated to provide properties with proven capital growth and excellent development potential with beautifully designed homes, functional spaces and external ambience.